Terms and Conditions

Stretham Storage, Ely, Cambridgeshire

1. Hire of a storage container at Stretham Storage is by licence only.

2. The hire charge for a ___ft container is £___ / month (+VAT).  

3. A deposit of one month and a key deposit (£10) is payable in advance of container rental.

4. The hire charge of a storage container is payable one month in advance. The monies must be paid by standing order only and must have cleared into our bank account by the 1st day of the month (for which the payment is due).

                4.1 A late payment fee of £10 / day is applicable after the 3rd day of the month in question and will be payable immediately.

5. Stretham Storage retains the right to access a container should there be a perceived risk of fire or if payment has not been made by day 14 of the hired month

6. The rental licence for the hire of a storage container can be terminated without notice subject to:

                6.1 bankruptcy of either party;

                6.2 breach of any term of the agreement that is not remedied within a set time period (set by the company);

                6.3 change of ownership or management of either party;

                6.4 the non-payment of the hire charge from day 15 of the month in question.

7. Minimum termination of the storage licence with notice by the Company to the Customer is 1 month. In this instance, payment for the storage container must continue until the end of the Customer’s chosen hire period. If payment is stopped, termination clause 6.4 will be put into practice.

8. Minimum termination by the customer to the Company is 1 month.

9. You are free to access your storage container at any time of the day or night, 7 days per week.

10. Upon vacation, the storage unit must be left clean and empty, the keys returned and locks intact.

11. Any rent paid for days ‘unused’, will be refunded to the customer unless the company decides that the container has incurred damage, the locks/keys have been lost or payment of the container has been late for two months.

12. Any damage to the containers will be recharged in full to the customer – this includes the non-return of keys and locks.  

13. You are forbidden to damage the fabric of the container by drilling holes, gluing or welding apparatus to it.

14. Painting of either the interior or exterior is prohibited.

15. While the company takes every measure to protect your container, it takes no responsibility for its overall security or its belongings. You will be responsible for insuring the contents.

16. We do not accept anything stored in your container that may combust or explode, anything that needs feeding, or anything illegal. We will allow a maximum of 5 litres (total) of fuel within fuel tanks of motor bikes, mowers or plant and within fuel cans, but it is your responsibility to maintain and monitor. No fridges or freezers, tyres or builder's waste. 

17. Replacement keys will be charged at £15 / key.


We will ask you to read & sign this agreement, if you wish to rent one of our containers.